Limited Space / Long Loads

Eastern Lift Truck Co., Inc. understands each forklift application is unique and stock our rental fleet with specialty forklifts to match many needs. Maybe you need to move light loads through a cramped warehouse and low doorways. Consider renting a Mariotti forklift from us. Its compact design allows it to maneuver in tight spaces. It can even travel on certain elevators. Rent an Aisle-Master forklift, with an articulated mast, and easily move loads from inside a trailer, through narrow aisle and onto a warehouse rack system. Handling long and awkward loads is not a problem for our rental Combilift forklifts. Of course we also rent Hyster and Yale turret trucks for very narrow aisle and high density warehouse applications. Call and review your special application with our rental specialists today.

Let Us Help You Find What You Need

Let Us Help You Find What You Need

Popular Limited Space / Long Loads

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The world’s smallest and compact sit-down forklift are available in a variety of load capacities. These versatile “mini forklifts” are powerful to withstand the rigors of daily full-time operations. They are compact and can go where other front-loading forklifts normally cannot go due to limited space.

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Store more in less space and increase productivity with an articulated forklift. They work in aisles as narrow as 6 feet and are available in electric or propane and also a cold storage package for temperature-controlled warehouse applications.

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Combilift forklifts are equipped with a unique 4-way steering system that allows the units to travel sideways with long loads. This system gives the user multi-directional capability, delivering incredible space savings.

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Rent a very narrow aisle (VNA) forklift from Eastern Lift Truck Co. for your high-density warehouse and increase your volume of pallet handling and case picking.

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    The rental pros at one of our 20+ Locations will help you get the job done right with one of our forklifts or aerial lift rentals.

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    We carry a full range of rental forklifts from Hyster and Yale, from 4,500 pound capacity electric pallet trucks to 55,000 pound capacity diesel forklifts.

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    We understand specialized needs, emergencies, down-time issues and the need to plan future rental usage.

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    We offer equipment for warehouse applications to job sites where rough terrain equipment is needed. Eastern Lift also rents articulating and telescopic boom and aerial lift trucks but not bucket trucks.

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Let us tailor fit a service plan to match your specific needs. There is no job too large or too small for us.

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