3-Wheel Electric Forklifts

The ideal addition to a productive material handling operation, 3-wheel electric forklifts are versatile and highly maneuverable. With these nimble machines, you’ll be able to easily move pallets in tight warehouse and container spaces. As a leading material handling equipment dealer in the Mid-Atlantic region, Eastern Lift Truck Co., Inc. carries a selection of stand-up and sit-down 3-wheel electric lift truck models from top brands like Hyster and Yale.

Let Us Help You Find What You Need

Let Us Help You Find What You Need

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Finding the Right Forklift

Our 3-wheel forklifts are productive and efficient and since they are emissions-free, safe for indoor use. Whether you are facing a job that requires finesse and precision, or a tough, heavy-duty task, you’ll find the right forklift at Eastern Lift Truck Co., Inc. We make it easy to purchase new and used forklifts, explore flexible rental options, and secure necessary equipment service or safety training needs. Fill out our online form to request information or quote. Contact your nearest Eastern Lift Truck Company location today!