Commercial & Industrial Vehicles

Commercial and industrial vehicles are a staple of many efficient, large operations. Eastern Lift Truck Co., Inc. is proud to offer premium commercial and industrial vehicles to businesses across the Mid-Atlantic region. We carry a wide selection of stock chasers, burden and personnel carriers, tugs, trams, trailers, and utility vehicles from trusted brands like Polaris, GEM, Intimidator, and Taylor-Dunn. Find your nearest Eastern Lift Truck Co. location and contact us today to learn more about the commercial or industrial vehicle that best meets your business needs.

Let Us Help You Find What You Need

Let Us Help You Find What You Need

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Rooted in Service

Over forty years ago, Eastern Lift Truck Co., Inc.’s founder John Pruitt set a challenging goal for his new company: become the best material handling equipment service provider in the United States. Ever since, we strived to provide our customers with the highest-quality material handling equipment and innovative warehousing and storage solutions in the marketplace. Get in touch today to experience the quality service only Eastern Lift Truck Co., Inc. can provide.

Quality products, Quality Care

At Eastern Lift Truck Co., Inc., we know the best commercial or industrial vehicle to have in your fleet is the one that delivers reliable performance when you need it. That’s why our service team works hard to ensure your vehicles remain in prime condition. We don’t just provide high-quality commercial and industrial vehicles; we also stock the parts you need to keep your fleet running smoothly. Schedule your next equipment maintenance appointment with us today.

Safety Through Training

Eastern Lift Truck Co., Inc. provides operator, technical, and trainer OSHA-compliant training courses designed to help make your facility more efficient and safe. With the proper training, you may also experience an overall increase in productivity. Give us a call to schedule your next training course.