Taylor-Dunn TC-30/50C

  • Battery: Type: One 12 volt (lead acid) System Voltage: 12 Charger:
  • Brakes: Rear: Hydroboost, Dual Caliper, Hydraulic Disc Front: Hydroboost, Dual Caliper, Hydraulic Disc Parking: Hand Operated Drive Line
  • Deck: Width: N/A Length: N/A Height: N/A
  • Frame Construction: Unibody steel frame construction with heavy duty front & rear plates
  • Height: Less Cab: 64
  • Hitch Height: 13
  • Instrumentation: Multi-function engine display, fuel lever, anti-restart ignition switch, headlight switch
  • Length: 96
  • Load Capacity: N/A
  • Outside Turning Radius: 120
  • Passengers: 1
  • Powertrain: Type: Combustion Power: Transmission: Automatic 3-speed, Neutral Interlock Switch Drive: Controller:
  • Seats: Driver: Vinyl Bucket Type, Adjustable Passenger: N/A
  • Speed: 13 mph (21 km/h)
  • Steering: Hydrostatic with Dual Action Steer Cylinder
  • Suspension: Rear: Leaf springs Front: Leaf springs
  • Tires: Rear: Load Range D, LT 225/75R16 1-piece wheel Front: Load Range E, 6.50 x 10 2-piece wheel
  • Tow Capacity: DBP: 3,000-5,000 lbs
  • Weight: 4,800 lbs (2177 kg) – 6,150 lbs (2789 kg)
  • Wheel Base: 49.25
  • Width: 44.25

The Tiger Cub is available with LPG or gasoline engines. Unitized fully welded steel frame, all-wheel suspension, extra low step height, and traction style tires result in a tow tractor that will withstand harsh environments yet maintain operator comfort.





Equipment Type
Industrial Vehicles and Personnel Carriers / Tugs Trams and Trailers