Taylor-Dunn K-45

  • Battery: Type: 12 Volt Automotive System Voltage: Charger:
  • Brakes: Rear: 4-Wheel Hydraulic Brakes Front: 4-Wheel Hydraulic Brakes Parking:
  • Deck: Width: 60 in (152 cm) Length: 108 in (274 cm) Height:
  • Frame Construction: Unitized Steel, Smooth Skin Body and Frame
  • Height: Less Cab: 47 in (119 cm) With Cab: 75.5 in (192 cm)
  • Instrumentation: Electric Horn, Hour Meter, Keyed Ignition Switch, Fuel Gauge (w/ Gasoline Engine Only) Dual Headlights, Taillights and Brake Lights
  • Length: 159 in (404 cm)
  • Load Capacity: 4000-6000 lb (1814-2722kg)
  • Outside Turning Radius: 210 in (533 cm)
  • Passengers: 1
  • Powertrain: Type: Combustion Power: 2.5 L, I-4, 84 HP, 4-Cylinder, Electronically Controlled, Liquid Cooled, Gasoline, 12-Volt Engaged Starter Transmission: Automatic, Automotive Differential, 3-Speed Drive: Heavy-Duty, Needle-Bearing Drive Shaft, Semi-Floating Type Hypoid Pinion and Ring Gear Drive Controller:
  • Seats: Driver: Driver Seat, Black Vinyl Passenger:
  • Speed: 25
  • Steering: Automotive Type Gear Box
  • Suspension: Rear: Leaf Spring Front and Rear, Shackle Bolts Mounted in Rubber Front: Leaf Spring Front and Rear, Shackle Bolts Mounted in Rubber
  • Tires: Rear: Pneumatic, 10-Ply, 6.5×10 Front: Pneumatic, 10-Ply, 6.5×10
  • Tow Capacity: N/A
  • Weight: 2800 lb (1270 kg)
  • Wheel Base: 95 in (241 cm)
  • Width: 60 in (152 cm)

This vehicle can be customized with a ladder rack, stake sides, steel sides, dump bed, tool boxes, and locking storage boxes to fit your application.

Equipment Type
Industrial Vehicles and Personnel Carriers / Burden and Personnel Carriers