Motrec MC-360 48V HD

  • Code: MC - 360 - 48V HD
  • Passengers: 2
  • Loading Capacity: 5000
  • Towing Capacity: 6000
  • Speed MPH: 8
  • Speed KPH: 13
  • Turning Radius: 124
  • Standards: Conforms to requirements for type E, UL 583, ANSI B56.9
  • Performance Notes: Includes passenger weight of 200 lbs. Specifications and standard equipment are subject to change without notice.
  • Accessories: Bolt-on Front Bumper
  • Safety: Deadman seat switch, reverse alarm, Horn
  • Seats: Two bucket seats on slide adjusters
  • Steering: Automotive steering wheel
  • Suspension: Dual leaf springs on front and rear
  • Transmission: GOODYEAR Eagle Synchronous drive
  • Voltage: 48
  • Wheels: 500 x 8 solid softy tires
  • Motor: 15 hp shunt motor motor
  • Lights: LED dual headlights & tail/brake lights
  • Indicators: Battery status indicator
  • Battery: Eight 6V-225AH batteries
  • Body: 14-G diamond-plate steel body, tubular frame
  • Brakes: Front and rear hydraulic 11 disc brake, hand lever parking brake, regenerative braking
  • Charger: High-Frequency Charger, improves battery performance, prevents current surge, 50/60HZ, 110/220VAC
  • Color: Security orange or federal yellow
  • Controller: Electronic speed controller
  • Drive Axle: Differential with automotive ring gear
  • Deck Height: 27
  • Deck Length: 76
  • Deck Width: 44
  • Vehicle Height: 46
  • Vehicle Length: 120
  • Vehicle Width: 44
  • Wheel Base: 56
  • Weight With Batteries: 1650
  • Loading Capacity: 5000
  • Wheels: 500 x 8 solid softy tires

The MC-360 is our most versatile multi-passenger burden carrier. This durable, low-maintenance work truck easily hauls heavy loads over long distances, and can be equipped with decks of up to 96″ to further reduce the number of trips per shift. Its short turning radius and well-balanced design with rear batteries ensure superior maneuverability, traction and braking for greater safety. Standard features include bolt-on front bumper, high-strength tubular frame and 14-G diamond-plate steel body. A UL-approved vehicle with unlimited configurations.

Equipment Type
Industrial Vehicles and Personnel Carriers / Burden and Personnel Carriers