OTTO Motors Autonomous Mobile Robots

Be ready for industry 4.0 with the right autonomous equipment and cloud computing technology. OTTO Motors’ autonomous mobile robots are industry-leading vehicles that can help you reach optimum productivity in your warehouse. You can bypass the labor shortage, make the most of your workforce, and create a safer, more efficient business with OTTO Motors equipment. Browse our selection of OTTO robotics available at Eastern Lift Truck below.

These AMRs need no modifications to your physical infrastructure because they’re designed to work within your existing workspace. You’ll quickly see higher throughput and predictable delivery of materials due to speed, 24/7 operation, and intelligent computing. Automating low-skill and repetitive tasks frees up your workforce to focus on the higher purpose of their role and reduces stress injuries from repetitive activities.

Let Us Help You Find What You Need

Let Us Help You Find What You Need

OTTO Motors: Is Your Warehouse Ready for Industry 4.0?

Factories are rapidly becoming smarter and smarter. With increasing demand, labor shortages, and growing number of SKUs, you’re going to need faster and more efficient technology to outlast the competition.

OTTO Motors are the way of the future. You’ll be able to seamlessly integrate these robots into your workspace. They’re compatible with many types of conveyor systems, layouts, and operation sizes. Setup is easier than a conveyor system, and you can easily reprogram new routes to match your business needs.

Not sure which equipment is best for your operation? Contact us to learn more about how autonomous mobile robots can help streamline your operation and increase profitability. Or request your free consultation with our safety and efficiency team at ELT Systems Group. We’ll help you pick the right equipment for your automated warehouse. 

Read our blog post on How Automation Solves Labor and Real Estate Challenges to learn about real-world applications of this technology. 

Financing for OTTO Motors Autonomous Mobile Robots

We’re here to make investing in your business as easy as possible. Learn more about our financing options and make your goal of autonomous technology possible today. We offer several financing options with flexible terms and competitive rates that we can customize to your business needs. Learn more about financing options and fill out our credit application today.