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By: Eastern Lift Truck Co., Inc. April 14, 2021

Eastern Lift Truck Co. understands that your loading dock area is a critical part of your operation. Our dock and door division is committed to helping you keep it safe and efficient! We have multiple locations ready to serve Mid-Atlantic states of Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia and Washington, D.C. 

Our dock and door products and services will cover all your needs! We offer warehouse dock and door installation, emergency and routine repairs, and preventative maintenance programs to extend the life of your dock and door equipment. Some types of doors require annual inspections and we the certifications to keep you in compliance. 

We offer sectional doors and rolling steel doors (insulated and non-insulated). Fire-rated doors (man and rolling steel) help to slow or prevent both fire and smoke from spreading. High-speed and impact doors are often found in food and beverage applications and we can assist with sales and service. Consider safety edges, photo eyes and dock levelers (manual, hydraulic or airbag) to help match the delivery truck’s angle on a slope and to prevent damage to the equipment at the dock. Dock seals and shelters help to maintain internal climate while protecting freight against damage. Loading dock ramps and vehicle restraint systems or dock locks are important to have at the loading docks so a trailer doesn’t pull away from your loading dock while a lift truck operator is still inside. 

Dock area work and safety lights help you to add security and safety while safety equipment (bollards, barricades, gates, guards, etc.) help to mark boundaries and give a visual guide for traffic within the warehouse. Dock bumpers protect against impact damage and up-and-down movement when a truck is loading or unloading. When a truck is backing up, dock bumpers may absorb 90-95% of the impact with the dock. Bumper types include molded, laminated or steel face and come in different thicknesses (usually 4 to 6 inches.) Commercial man doors and light tight inspections are necessary for food grade facilities. 

Trust Eastern Lift’s Dock & Door Division to handle all of these dock and door needs!

  • Competitive 24/7 Service by Qualified, Reliable, Responsible Technicians

  • Secure, Durable, and Safe Products

  • Provide Innovative and Cost-Effective Solutions

Click here to contact your Eastern Lift Truck Co. Dock & Door Manager to learn more about our capabilities and how we can assist you today.

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