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Warehouse Cold Weather Prep

By: Eastern Lift Truck Co., Inc. December 08, 2017

As temperatures decrease in the winter, improperly weatherized loading docks, exterior doors and inefficient warehouse practices result in tremendous energy loss and even reduced worker morale. These often unexpected and unnecessary expenses also erode business’s profit margins. Eastern Lift Truck Co., Inc. has solutions to help curb common culprits of costly energy loss:

Dock and Door Solutions
• Dock Seals and Shelters – These help seal the perimeter of the dock and fill in any door hinge gaps, and protect against energy loss, product damages and personnel safety hazards. If each of your docks is properly sealed (and depending on your current expenditures) you could potentially see an annual energy savings as large as $5,000 per dock.

• Dock Leveler Seals – Edge and under leveler seals reduce temperature fluctuations that lead to energy loss and pay for themselves in only a few months.

• Exterior Doors – Insulated sectional or rolling steel, high speed and effectively sealed doors and cycle times will generate cost savings that you will notice.

Eastern Lift Truck Co.’s reliable Dock and Door team is equipped to handle repairs to or replacement of doors (sectional, rolling steel, fire-rated, high speed and impact), dock levelers (manual, hydraulic, and airbag), dock seals and shelters, vehicle restraint systems, dock area work and safety lights and other related safety equipment (edges and photo eyes, bollards, barricades, gates, guards). Call today for an estimate.

Warehouse Systems
• HVLS (High Volume, Low Speed) Fans – Run HVLS fans from MacroAir in reverse to de-stratify and redistribute the heat layers that gather on the ceiling. This eliminates hot and cold pockets, and results in a uniform room temperature that works with your HVAC system to increase employee comfort, safety and productivity. You may expect to save 20% or more on your heating costs by installing a MacroAir HVLS fan from Eastern Lift Truck Co., Inc.

• Shelving / Racking – Installing shelving or racking allows heat in the building to move through and around inventory more easily will keep potential air pockets from damaging goods.

ELT Systems Group (a Division of Eastern Lift Truck Co., Inc.) is comprised of one of the largest and most tenured warehouse systems solutions teams in the industry. Whether you require new racking, shelving or conveyor or are just looking for advice on cost-effective, energy-saving solutions for this winter season, you can rely on us to assess and address your needs. Give us a call today!