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Robotics Driven Technology in the Material Handling Industry

By: Eastern Lift Truck Co., Inc. February 14, 2018

After many years of research and development, autonomous robotic technology has arrived as a full-fledged option for your material handling operation. As your authorized Hyster-Yale Group® Dealer, Eastern Lift Truck Co. offers Driven by Balyo® innovative mobile robotics on certain new Hyster® and Yale® forklifts as well as the ability to outfit your current fleet.

The benefits of robotic technology include:

• Reliability: mass-produced manual trucks and proprietary robotics technology
• Efficiency: optimizing your resources and meeting sustainability goals
• Rapid ROI: 12-18 months depending on number of teams, limited ongoing investment
• Consistency/Safety: reduction in accidents, operations and maintenance costs
• Labor Cost Savings: reduction in worker turnover and training time

How Does the Technology Work?

Driven by Balyo® incorporates on-board intelligence with geoguidance navigation technology. No infrastructure is required. The Light Imaging Detection And Ranging (LIDAR) system, (let’s just call it a laser scanner) performs a 360 degree PL-D scan of your environment, which then integrates with your IT system and machines. The proprietary system relies on the recognition of the internal fixtures of a building: walls, columns and racks, to enable the trucks to self-locate in real time, finding the most efficient routes and responding as needed to obstructions.

A lift truck with Driven by Balyo® is able to autonomously retrieve or deposit loads from elevated spaces, as well as switch between automatic and manual modes. It is reliable and easy to maintain, and does not require costly retrofitting of your facility or expensive reconfigurations.

Simple Installation and Easy Redeployment

1. An Eastern Lift Truck Co. field technician moves the robot manually around your facility where it will be working. The robot uses its LIDAR to record data and transcribe it to a 2D map.

2. The map is then simplified, leaving only needed reference points. Then virtual routes and pick-up and placement points are added according to your logistics flows and requirements.

3. The reference map is integrated into the robot’s processor, to compare what it sees in real time with its knowledge (the map), so it can self-locate and move.

Eastern Lift Truck Co. provides installation and service to maintain your navigation technology as well as your fleet. We are a one-stop shop for your autonomous robotic equipment needs, in addition to our many other offerings. Call us today to see how Driven by Balyo® technology can help your operations run more efficiently and reliably.

Visit our YouTube channel for a brief video of Driven by Balyo® in action at the Hyster-Yale® Experience Center. Additional information about robotic lift trucks is available on the official Yale® website.