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Increasing Pedestrian, Operator, and Equipment Safety with Aftermarket Parts from Eastern Lift Truck Co.

By: Eastern Lift Truck Co., Inc. February 08, 2017

1. Back-Up Camera

Operating a forklift in cramped or busy areas creates a dangerous situation for everyone. Add bulky loads and blind spots, and you have a real problem. The back-up camera from Eastern Lift can help solve that problem. The display is crisp and easy to read and can be mounted in the operator area. The camera mounts easily to your equipment and can be adjusted for best view. Call us today for a free demo!

2. Blue & Red Safety Lights

Energy efficient, long life LED lights attach to the top of the overhead guard to project a large blue or red spot onto the floor a few yards ahead of the direction of the truck’s travel (forward/backward). This acts as a warning to approaching pedestrians and can be lit constantly or set to flash intermittently to attract attention.

3. Cap and Cab Covers

Eastern Lift has a variety of cab accessories ranging from simple installation to more permanent solutions. Standard vinyl cap covers keep your operator safe and dry from the elements, durable zippered cab enclosures and heavy-duty panels affixed to the cab will allow your operator to stay warm and out of the wind. We offer many different solutions, depending on what you need. Call us today!

4. Fork Leveling Accessories

It’s important to be sure your forks are not cracked, damaged, worn, or sagging. In addition to regular fork inspections, Eastern Lift has accessories that will help you monitor the angle of your forks. A simple fork level device can help save you thousands of dollars by helping to prevent forklift errors and costly inventory damage.

5. Fuel Level Sensors

In busy warehouse environments, it is essential to eliminate as much downtime as possible. Upgrading your existing equipment with fuel level sensors will give you faster advance notice of low fuel conditions, prevent excessive downtime/refuelingtrucks that have run out of fuel away from the refueling point, and save on overall operating costs. Contact Eastern Lift Truck for more information on fuel level sensor solutions.

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