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By: Eastern Lift Truck Co., Inc. February 24, 2021

When it comes to solving materials handling and storage needs, the professionals at Eastern Lift Truck Co. are up to the task. The company, which is celebrating fifty years in business in 2021, has assisted all different types of industries from food and beverage production to heavy industrial manufacturers, warehouse and distribution centers, to railyards and ports. There isn’t much we haven’t see over the years. 

We are proud to be a preferred and trusted vendor and want to make sure everyone realizes our offerings extend to automation and power solutions, conveyance, and a wide variety of warehouse infrastructure. 

Many organizations partner with us to become more efficient. Using a multi-disciplined approach, we focus on improving processes and are often able to deliver improved safety, as well as time and costs savings. 

Single Source Procurement

Anyone in purchasing knows the more vendors involved in a project, the more complicated it becomes to track shipments, compare pricing, deal with different sales teams and review the compatibility of products and services. Working with Eastern Lift Truck Co. reduces those issues. 

A recent client was building a facility and the Eastern Lift Truck Co. Strategic Accounts Team and ELT Systems Group collaborated to provide the following: 

  • Forklift Trucks

  • Fleet Management

  • Power Solutions and Battery Management

  • Warehouse Design

  • Racking Installation

  • Logistics and Project Management

  • Service Contracts 

Working with our team, as a single-source partner, our client happily enjoyed initial cost-savings on this project, and may expect a reduction in future operational expenses, based on our informed input. 

An Engineering Team at Your Disposal

Another client operates numerous sites across North America. We have provided new forklift leases, fleet management, and service contracts, all things traditionally associated with a top material handling dealership. However, the ELT Systems Group has also provided consultation and engineering work to aid this client’s Warehouse Managers on a number of different projects. Some of these projects involved: 

  • Conveyor Upgrades and Integration

  • Packing Ergonomics

  • Autonomous Mobile Vehicles and Robotics

  • Warehouse Design

  • Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS systems)

  • New Equipment Vetting for pallet wrappers, lift tables, etc. 

Let the ELT Systems Group be a sounding board for your next project and offer a solution, or set of solutions for your facility. Whether you are building a new warehouse or expanding a manufacturing line or just looking for new ways to make your team work smarter and not harder, Eastern Lift Truck Co. is dedicated to helping you find the right solution for your application. 

Contact the ELT Systems Group via this web form for further information. We welcome the opportunity to work on your next project today.  

Jason Dodge Automation Manager | Systems Division Eastern Lift Truck Co., Inc. Cell: (609) 605-1043 Email: jdodge@easternlifttruck.com

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