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4 Interesting Points Made During MHEDA's 2017 Emerging Leaders Conference

By: Eastern Lift Truck Co., Inc. July 12, 2017

1. Develop Your Network

– Relationships matter, in both our personal and professional lives.

– Understand the importance of assembling resources on both the individual and organizational level.

– Gain a broader understanding of authenticity and its critical role in leading and engaging an increasingly diverse workforce.

2. Hunt for Diversity

– Discover the critical role that authentic leadership plays in creating a culture that is inclusive, engaging and innovative.

– A personal network analysis will help you review your network of relationships and the types of diversity present within your network.

3. Make Small Changes

– Learn the core tenets of a hacking culture and how they can be applied to your work to unlock problems.

– Practice applying a hacking mindset to an actual aspect of your work.

– Understand change as a process rather than an event. Don’t rush change.

4. Gain Leadership Skills

– Learn how to increase accountability and decrease the blame-game.

– Understand benefits of social capital — the resources and value that exist within networks of relationships.

– When leading a team, alleviate mediocrity by rewarding the A-list players and setting high goals.

– We talk about innovation and its importance, but we do not talk about how it happens. Make innovation happen, become the leader.


MHEDA, which stands for Material Handling Equipment Distributor Association, is a respected organization comprised of more than 600 manufacturer and distributor companies. MHEDA is focused on educating our industry and the people that work in it, so we all become smarter, safer and better equipped to serve our customers. Eastern Lift Truck Co. is proud to be a long-time MHEDA member and a Most Valuable Partner award winner. As a MHEDA member we are offered many opportunities, such as this conference, to network and learn.