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Industrial Tires and Loadwheels

Eastern Lift Truck Company is a proud distributor of Stellana, Trelleborg and Solideal industrial tires and wheels, among other brands.  These products offer durability and reliability.  Eastern Lift also offers competitive pricing and convenient mobile tire service.

Operating a forklift with worn or defective tires affects braking, disrupts load stability and may cause motor, drive housing or steer axle damage.  Simply stated bad tires and wheels are an accident just waiting to happen. The good news is all of this is avoidable.

Eastern Lift Customer Service Reps are available to inspect your tires and make recommendations to help you protect the products you handle and your most important asset - your lift truck operators.

Contact one of our (16) local Eastern Lift Branches in Newark, Laurel, Chester, Hagerstown, Baltimore, Brooklyn, Upper Marlboro, Maple Shade, Ocean, Franklinville, Berwick, Reading, Allentown, York and Warminster today to schedule an appointment or request a formal quote.


Eastern Lift is proud to offer Stellana brand poly tires and wheels.

The Stellana G-Max offers the broadest application range in the industry, resists chunking, tears and flat spotting.

The Stellana L-Max is a premium polymer compound formulation which reduces heat build-up and allows for longer runs at higher loads at both low and high speeds.

The Stellana V-Max is the ultimate in polymer technology.  It offers the highest rating in the lift truck industry for cut/tear and chunking resistance.The non-marking tire is impervious to dock plates, expansion joints or floor debris and flat spotting becomes a concern of the past that other, older polymer technology tires experience.

Regardless of the application, Trelleborg Wheel Systems is the leading global industrial tire supplier to the material handling industry.

 Mono-thane forklift tires

Mono-thane tires are designed for distributions centers with smooth, dry floor conditions. They are resistant against chunking and tearing.  Compounds come in standard and high loads.
 ORCA press-on tiresORCA press-on tires are high stability, full-size tires available in smooth and traction tread. These tires are designed for IC equipment and use in industrial applications.
 Monarch M2 RiresThe Monarch M2 is a three-stage tire with steel wires in the heel. Combined with new tread design and compound, the M2 is a longer-lasting solid tire.  Available in M2, Rib and Plain treads.
 Elite XP tiresThe Elite XP has a great contact area which translates to less stress on the tire and longer tire life.  Available in non-marking, cut resistant and high load compounds.
 Tires for Skid SteersSkid steer tires have a wide lug tread pattern which provides grip and traction on both smooth and textured surfaces. SK-800 is for general purpose use in industrial and construction applications while the SK-900 is engineered for heavy duty use.
 Expert TiresMade for aggressive applications, the Expert has a large contact area which helps minimize tire stress, maximize traction and increase stability for added safety.
 Total Solution TiresThis pneumatic tire comes in two styles:  T-800 and T-900. The T-800 has a cross-ply structure which increases stability and comfort for general industrial use while the T-900 is a more aggressive design for heavy duty applications.
 Monarch Mono-cushion Tires

The Monarch model comes in three profiles:  Mono-Cushion, Flat Profile and Mono-Grip Wide. 


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