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Material Handling Equipment & Forklift Fleet Management

Forklift Fleet Management in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland & Delaware

Our Mission

Our services are designed to help our clients reduce the overall cost of owning and operating their material handling equipment fleet.  The teams at our NY, NJ, PA, DE, and MD locations will customize a best-practice active management and maintenance program that fits your specific application, environment and overall corporate strategy.

Over the past several years, companies have come to understand that the true value of cost capture and proper management enables them to drive down fleet operation costs, increase pallet moves per hour and improve throughput efficiencies.

Forklift Fleet Management 

This realization has put a strain on many other forklift dealerships as they struggle to develop programs required to serve the growing economical demands of their customers.

EASTERN LIFT TRUCK has met this challenge "head on" with ELT Fleet Management.

For nearly a decade, we have set the standard for fleet management in material handling and industrial operations.  ELT Fleet Management is the division of our company which specializes in administering fleet management services to the industry.  We offer custom-tailored support to provide our customers with hands-on information and cost-effective programs.  With our viable resources and advanced vehicle telematics systems, our customers gain access to valuable real-time data and engage in real-time management so that they can achieve and maintain optimal forklift utilization. With the advantages and services we can provide at our locations throughout New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland, our customers are able to save money, improve forklift efficiency and increase the value of their material handling and industrial equipment while participating in economical and practical management programs.

Material Handling Equipment Fleet Management 

Please email Kevin Sutphen today or call (609) 744-1762 to learn more or schedule an appointment.

Ask about our cost savings programs such as Speedshield Fleet Online and Guaranteed Power - the NOworry Power Program for Electric Lift Trucks.


Core Offerings  

*Guaranteed Maintenance

*Time and Material (Pay as you Go)

*Tailored Planned Maintenance

*Parts Only Programs

*Battery and Charger Maintenance

*Attachment Maintenance

*Data Capture and Reporting

*Power by the Hour

*Wireless Asset Management

*Professional Consulting Services

For complete details:     Call 1-866-980-7175  

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