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Electric Vehicles

Eastern Lift offers a wide range of options when it comes to electric vehicles.

We sell new and used burden carriers, personnel movers, stock chasers, utility vehicles, golf carts and a many other specialty vehicles.  If you have a need Eastern Lift has a solution! Contact any one of our 16 locations in Laurel and Newark, DE; Baltimore, Hagerstown, Queenstown, and Upper Marlboro, MD; Franklinville, Maple Shade (HQ), Ocean, and Piscataway, NJ; Brooklyn, NY; Allentown, Berwick, Reading, Warminster, and York, PA for assistance.  We're always happy to help.

Below are a few examples with video clips and product links. 


The Taylor-Dunn SC-175 Stockchaser travels at speeds up to 8 mph, its narrow frame maneuvering down slim aisles. It can carry up to 1,200 lbs. and is equipped with step ladders, allowing operators to pick materials from high stock locations.



With a load capacity 1,600 pounds, the Taylor-Dunn B-150 is one of the most cost effective solutions to your material handling needs.

Equipped with a 36-volt electric drive train, this vehicle is designed with one of the shortest turning radius in its class. Designed and manufactured with an all-steel unitized body, the B-150 provides years of reliable operation in rugged applications.

The B-150's modular electrical system allows for ease of maintenance, thereby reducing your operating and maintenance coasts. This vehicle can also be equipped with a ladder rack, tool boxes, tool cabinets, and a workbench, making it an excellent choice for any maintenance application.


The Electruck product line is designed to provide an electric alternative to your current fleet of full sized utility pickup trucks.

Powered by an electric drive train, the ET-3000 48V can reach speeds of up to 18 miles-per-hour, while providing 30 miles on a single charge.  Units come with a 49.5" x 78.5" deck and carry loads up to 3,000 pounds.

The Electruck, like all Taylor-Dunn vehicles, can be customized with cargo boxes, tool cabinets, ladder racks, etc., to meet your specific application needs.

Taylor-Dunn Commuter Vehicles

The Taylor-Dunn SS-536 provides personnel transportation for executive, supervisors, security, maintenance, mail carriers and other workers whose jobs keeps them on the go.

The versatile design of the SS-536 allows users to convert the vehicle from personnel carrier to burden carrier in a matter of seconds. This vehicle can carry up to two people or 600 pounds of load on the job site.

With its three wheel short turning radius design, the SS-536 can maneuver dependably around warehouses, industrial complexes, resorts, hotels, shopping malls, hospitals and other commercial complexes.

It’s all welded steel unitized body and frame is built to last for years of use. Modularized control system design.

Cushman Vehicles

The Cushman Titan comes in 36v and 48v and carries 2 or 4 passengers.

With a 21.6 square foot deck, 3,000 pound payload and 4,600 pound towing capacity, the Titan is a real industrial giant.

LANDmaster LM300 UTV

The LANDmaster LM300 UTV (shown in green with optional hood rack, winch, plow blade and roof kit) has a 400 lb. capacity and 9.2 cubic ft. dump bed. Medium duty jobs such as moving mulch and logs or towing a mower or trailer can be handled with ease by the 2 wheel drive LM300. The LANDmaster LM650H Hybrid UTV is well-suited for heavy duty chores and more rugged terrain.

Yamaha offers a line of custom vehicles to fit your specific needs, from security vehicles to ambulances. The Yamaha Personal Security Vehicle shown here is equipped with all the tools a security professional needs for patrol and beyond.

Yamaha Custom Vehicles 

Versatile and dependable, the Yamaha Adventurer Hauler has 5 cargo box options and is the perfect vehicle for resorts, building supply warehouses and everything in between.

Yamaha Vehicles Yamaha Vehicles

The Yamaha Super Hauler has a large aluminum cargo bed to handle all your super-sized projects. Standard features include cushioned contoured bucket seats, a floor mounted horn, headlights and tail lights.

Yamaha Vehicles 

With its independent front suspension, the Yamaha Concierge will make you feel like you're riding on air. The Concierge is available in gas or electric with 4- or 6- passenger seating, and its state-of-the-art seats and arm rests provide exceptional comfort and security.

Yamaha Vehicles 

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