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Material Handling Equipment Batteries & Chargers

Need motive power or charging options?  Eastern Lift Truck Co. is here to help. Contact any of our 14 branches for assistance. Eastern is pleased to offer many well-respected brands with the latest technology and price points to match your application and budget.

Enersys General Batteries

Enersys General Batteries

Before becoming part of EnerSys in 1991, General Battery was a leading independent battery manufacturer. General Battery technology is dedicated to providing the longest battery service life possible. The focus on quality and technology enables us to offer the most comprehensive warranty in the industry. General Battery is the "First Name in Lasting Power!"

GNB Flooded Classic Batteries

 GNB Flooded Classic Batteries 

Balanced flooded battery design is the key to long battery life and consistent daily battery performance. For those committed to the traditional practices of battery watering, specific gravity checks, and minimal investment, GNB Flooded Classic batteries are the ideal solution for use in all classes of industrial forklift trucks.

The state-of-the-art technology used in GNB Flooded Classic batteries incorporates an inset lug and tapered wire design, thus maximizing current paths and lowering internal resistance. This translates into more usable power and longer battery runtime. The GNB Flooded Classic battery design also eliminates the need for high specific gravity electrolyte that provides runtime at the expense of battery life. The balance struck between electrolyte specific gravity, active material and lead in the battery plate grid optimizes the battery life and performance.

GNB Flooded Classic batteries are designed to deliver consistent, reliable power. They're engineered to increase the efficiency of power production. As a result, they can improve your forklift trucks' running time and reduce maintenance over the life of the battery. Available in a wide range of sizes - we're sure to have a battery to fit your needs.

Bulldog Industrial Batteries

Bulldog Batteries 

Bulldog has been in business since 1977 and is located in Wabash, Indiana. Its modern manufacturing facility includes approximately 133,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space and manufactures a full line of industrial batteries to fit all applications. Bulldog batteries are manufactured with the highest quality materials and strictest quality control program.

Bulldog has the standard steel cased battery available and the rust and corrosion free plastic cased battery. The plastic case will eliminate all shorting, rust and painting from any battery operation. This will reduce battery, lift truck and battery handling equipment maintenance.

Exide Fusion™ Charger

Exide Fusion™ Charger

The Exide family of Fusion battery chargers was designed to improve your productivity by fast charging your industrial lift truck battery. The charger features a modular design that allows for greater flexibility, increased availability or up-time and is easy to install and operate.

Modular Design

The Fusion series of chargers utilize a modular drawer design in 10 kW increments. A single unit can be configured from 10 kW to 30 kW at the factory or field upgraded. The modular design allows for redundancy. If more than one drawer is installed, it will continue to operate down to the last drawer.

High Frequency MOSFET / IGBT Technology

The Fusion series of chargers incorporates a high frequency power stage design utilizing IGBTs and MOSFETs and use a high frequency transformer. This results in an efficient design in a smaller and lighter package.

Easy To Use Interface

The Fusion series of chargers utilize a microprocessor that is easily programmed by a Palm handheld device. The units can be optimized to meet your application's requirements with a couple of key strokes.

 Express Insulated Fast Chargers

The Express insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) fast chargers are designed and manufactured by Aker Wade for heavy-duty electric vehicle fleet applications. The systems can charge 12 to 80 volt industrial lead acid batteries at currents of up to 500 amps, bringing a battery from 30% to 80% state of charge in approximately 1.5 hours, depending on battery size.

Express fast charging saves you money by eliminating the need for truck battery changes so that multi-shift operations are able to run on one battery.

This translates to higher labor productivity, energy savings, and more manufacturing floor space for a quick ROI.

FAST Reports Exception Reporting Software accesses data stored on any Express Charger with a wireless Pocket PC. FAST Reports highlight battery and charger data that falls out of user-defined specifications to help keep your entire system running efficiently and effectively.

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