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Awards. Affiliations. Brands. Memberships.

Eastern Lift Truck Company is proud to be a Yale® "Dealer of Excellence."

The "Dealer of Excellence" title is the highest honor bestowed by Yale Materials Handling Corp.  Eastern Lift Truck Company has earned this recognition through its high market share, visionary management and superior customer service.

It is also worth noting the company's consistency. Eastern Lift has earned this lofty title every consecutive year since 2001!

Eastern Lift Truck Company's employees are thoroughly committed to earning the respect of its customers, colleagues and vendors each and every day.

Trade Industry Memberships

Eastern Lift Truck Trade Industry Membership

MHEDA Member since 1971 - Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association

 Eastern Lift Truck Company has been awarded the prestigious MVP (Most Valuable Partner) Status each and every year it has applied (2014-2017) to MHEDA.  MHEDA, a well-known and respected North American Trade organization, is short for Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association.

Less than 10% of MHEDA’s members earn this lofty recognition.  To be considered, Eastern Lift was required to successfully demonstrate excellence in business, good stewardship and proof of professionalism, through their commitment to their customers, employees and suppliers in specific areas such as:

Industry Relations

Customer Relations

Peer-to-Peer Networking

Training for Employees

Business Best Practices

 MHEDA Members Know How to Add Value! 


Eastern Lift Truck Trade Memberships

Eastern Lift Truck Company is a proud supporter of the Howard Bernstein Scholarship Fund of The Material Handling Education Foundation, Inc. (otherwise known as MHEFI).

Each year this non-profit charitable organization awards scholarships to at least 5 students in the industrial distribution curriculum.

Graduates can be found in such corporations as Wal-Mart, 3M Company, Merck, Raytheon Aircraft, Polo Ralph Lauren, DaimlerBenz-Germany, Lockheed Martin, NASA, Ford Motor Company, Motorola and General Motors.

 Click here to learn more! 

 Eastern Lift Truck Trade Memberships

International Door Association Member 

Eastern Lift Truck Trade Memberships

Warehousing Education & Research Council Member

WERCouncil - Philadelphia / Delaware Valley Chapter

WERCouncil - Baltimore / Washington DC Chapter

The Association for Distribution Professionals.

Eastern Lift Truck Trade Memberships

Pennsylvania Independent Oil and Gas Association Member

Official Fleet Management Company for:

Atlantic City Convention Center and Boardwalk Hall

Brands and Affiliations

Dock and Door Related

  • Albany Doors (doors)
  • Aleco (door products)
  • Alto Garage Doors (garage doors)
  • Amarr (garage doors)
  • Blue Giant (levelers)
  • Bluff (dock equipment)
  • Clopay (garage and commercial doors) 
  • Cookson (commercial rolling doors)
  • Cornell (safety and security closure systems inc. fire doors)
  • DL Manufacturing (loading dock equipment/doors)
  • Durable Corporation (bumpers)
  • Dynaco (speed doors)
  • Fairborn Equip. (loading dock equipment/doors)
  • General Doors
  • Goff (high speed industrial doors)
  • LiftMaster (openers, doors, gates)
  • Miller Edge (sensing solutions for doors and gates)
  • Nergeco (doors)
  • Nordock (levelers, restraints)
  • Pentalift (loading dock equipment and lift tables)
  • Pioneer Dock Equip. (levelers, restraints, seals)
  • Poweramp Dock Equip. (levelers, restraints)
  • Rotary Products (loading dock equipment)
  • Vestil (dock equipment)
  • Wayne Dalton (doors)

Fleet Management and Warehouse Systems

  • Hyster Tracker and Yale Vision Warehouse Simulators (productivity analysis)
  • True Line (wire guidance systems)

Material Handling Equipment and Motive Power 

  • Aisle-Master (very narrow aisle articulated forklifts)
  • American LandMaster (utility vehicles)
  • BACE (baler and compaction equipment)
  • Balyo (robotic forklift technology)
  • Bolzoni-Auramo (forklift attachments)
  • Bulldog Battery (industrial batteries and chargers)
  • Cascade Corp. (forklift attachments)
  • Combilift (multi-directional forklifts)
  • Crown (industrial batteries)
  • Cushman (commercial and industrial vehicles)
  • Deka (industrial batteries and chargers)
  • Enerys (industrial batteries and chargers)
  • Ferro Magnetics (industrial chargers)
  • Genie a Terex Brand (work lifts, platforms)
  • GNB (industrial batteries)
  • Hyster (full range of lift trucks, warehouse equipment and container handlers)
  • IVDT Systems (weighing systems)
  • JBT (AGVs)
  • JLG Industries (mobile aerial work platforms)
  • Lift'n Buddy (electric hand truck)
  • Load Lifter Mfg. (rough terrain forklifts, telehandlers)
  • Loron (forklift attachments)
  • Manitou (rough terrain forklifts, truck mounted lifts)
  • Mariotti (compact forklifts)
  • Mecfor (heavy duty lifts for mining, metal, rail industry)
  • Minuteman International (industrial scrubbers and sweepers)
  • Motrec (industrial vehicles)
  • Navigator (truck mounted forklifts)
  • Northeast Industrial Batteries (industrial batteries and chargers)
  • Ravas (weighing systems)
  • Rico Mfg. (custom built material handling products)
  • Rightline (forklift attachments)
  • Rudco Prod. (containers and compactors)
  • Sackett Systems (battery handling products)
  • Seegrid (vision-guided AGVs, robotic industrial trucks)
  • Superior Engineering (specialty forklift attachments)
  • Taylor-Dunn (commercial and industrial vehicles)
  • UTILEV (utility forklifts)
  • Weigh-Tronix (weighing systems)
  • Yale (full range of lift trucks, warehouse equipment)
  • Yamaha (full range of golf cars and utility vehicles)

Parts, Forks, Hydraulics, Lights, Tires and Wheels

  • Bolzoni (forks)
  • Camoplast Solideal (tires, wheels, tracks)
  • Cascade-Kenhar (forks)
  • Eaton (fluid power components)
  • Helmar (forklift parts)
  • Hyster (OEM forklift parts)
  • Intella Liftparts (forklift parts)
  • Millennium Tires (tires and wheels)
  • MSE- Forks (forks)
  • Premier (forklift parts)
  • Stellana (tires and wheels)
  • Thombert (tires and wheels)
  • Trelleborg (tires and wheels)
  • TVH (forklift parts)
  • Yale (OEM forklift parts)

Warehouse and Safety Products

  • A-Wall Building Systems (modular offices/guard bldgs.)
  • Aelux (industrial lighting)
  • Akro-Mils (Storage bins, containers, carts, etc)
  • American Wire Prod. (decking, shelves, containers)
  • Berner (air curtains)
  • Bluff (dock boards, plates, yard ramps)
  • Capital Tri-State Lighting (industrial lighting)
  • Carron Net Co. (industrial netting)
  • Cousins Packaging (stretch packaging, wrapping systems)
  • Flexcon Container (storage containers, bins, and boxes)
  • Illinois Engineered Prod. (security folding gates)
  • Incord (safety netting)
  • Interlake Mecalux (pallet racking, cantilever, auto. storage systs)
  • Koke Inc. (dock boards, ramps and levelers)
  • Konstant (Pallet Runner pallet racking systems)
  • Lawson Products (variety of MRO supplies)
  • Mac Rak (rack repair kits)
  • MacroAir (industrial ceiling fans)
  • Mid-States Mfg & Engineering (carts, rack, wagons)
  • Nashville Wire Prod. (decking, shelves, containers)
  • Nexel (shelving)
  • Rousseau Metal Prod. (cabinets, shelving)
  • Sackett Systems (battery handling equipment)
  • Sandusky Lee Corp. (cabinets, carts, stands, lockers)
  • Sapient Automation (storage and retrieval systems)
  • Southworth Prod. (ergonomic and lifting equipment)
  • Spaceguard Prod. (wire partitions, lockers, security)
  • Steele Solutions (mezzanines, structures, platforms)
  • Stretch Wrap Systems (stretch and wrapping systems)
  • Tennsco (shelving and storage products)
  • TMI, LLC (strip doors, air curtains)
  • Tri-Boro (pallet racking and shelving components)
  • UNEX (order picking and carton flow systems)
  • Vaculex (vacuum lifters)
  • Vert-Lift (ergonomic and lifting equipment)
  • Vestil (ergonomic, loading dock, lifting equipment etc)
  • Wesco (hand trucks, lift equip., platform trucks, etc)
  • Wildeck (mezzanines, material lifts, safety guardrails)
  • Yellow Safe-ty (guard rails, column protectors, bollards)
  • Yellowjacket Rack Protectors (column protectors)
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